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Chakra Eco Thermal Flask


The reusable chakra eco thermal flask keeps cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours and warm drinks warm for up to 12 hours with double walled vacuum technology – and all in super a super cute and sustainable design!

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The ethics: This reusable chakra eco thermal flask is eco-friendly with double walled vacuum technology. It is BPA phthalate free as well as nontoxic.

The perks: The high quality silicone ring ensures no leaks no matter how much you shake it, and the double wall design helps prevent sweating. This bottle is multi-purpose whether you’re in to Yoga, CrossFit, Gym, Pilates, Hiking, Camping or Walking. Cold liquids stay cold for 24 hours without any condensation on the outside of the bottle and hot liquids stay hot for 12 hours. You can bring hot soup or tea to the mountain or cold water to the lakes and can be sure that it will have the right temperature when you are ready to enjoy. The wide mouth of the chakra eco thermal flask also fits most ice cubes.

Dimensions: 500ml


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