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Wooden Handmade Bracelet


The Wooden Handmade Bracelet is made from natural stone and wooden beads, inspired by the stunning landscape and culture of Nepal.

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The ethics: All jewellery is freedom trade. This means workers in Indonesia are paid a fair wage and have suitable living and working conditions.

The perks: This Wooden Handmade Bracelet is elasticated to fit any size. It’s made of natural stone and wooden beads inspired by the stunning landscape and culture of Nepal. These eco bracelets have been skilfully crafted with lava and sepia brown beads. They are designed to be worn as a minimal and ethical fashion statement, or they can be stacked with other wooden and stone bracelets in the collection. The lava stone is for grounding – it strengthens the wearer’s connection to Mother Earth. This is a gift of stability and a reminder of courage and personal strength during times of change.

Dimensions: Elasticated length approximately 7cm in diameter.


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